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Adult Show Choir Entertaining Audiences Since 1970

Auditions for our Fall 2023 Broadway Show will be on August 8, 2023 at 7:00 pm at the Northglenn United Methodist Church in Northglenn.

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Information about our rehearsal season is below. If you are interested in auditioning, please contact us at

Please fill out our Audition Form before attending the audition.

We are so excited that you are interested in becoming a member of our awesome show choir!

We started entertaining audiences in the North Metro area in 1970. We have found that through music, we are able to share our love of life with our audience. We believe the power of music can bring people together and provide an opportunity to share moments of happiness.

The Northland Chorale is a mixed voice chorus made up of adult volunteers from all walks of life who love to sing and perform. We are known for our entertaining numbers, and they range from fully choreographed choral production numbers, solos, or small group numbers. We perform a wide variety of music including Broadway show tunes, rock & roll, doo-wop, country, pop, movie themes, jazz, and more.

You will find that the Northland Chorale is not your traditional community chorale. We memorize our music, add choreography, and intermingle some comedy for a total experience. We strive to produce a variety show that is entertaining for all ages. 

We are one of the longest continuously operating show choirs in the nation. We’ve been entertaining audiences for over 53 years, and they keep coming back. We must be doing something right, so come see for yourself!

Auditions take place during the first rehearsal. Plan to stay for the entire rehearsal. You will sing through the music with the group. Towards the end of rehearsal, our director and accompanist will stay and listen to your audition.
Please prepare a song in advance and bring sheet music. If you need to look at the music while you sing, please bring two copies. Please refrain from bringing electronic accompaniment or backup tracks. You may also be asked to sing a scale or run notes for section placement.
Remember to take a deep breath, we get that you may be nervous. We are all volunteers here. We are just other people who enjoy music, and want to see you succeed.
After you audition, you will leave and the audition committee will discuss the auditions heard that night. You will hear the outcome before the week is out.
We look forward to seeing you at the audition!

Now, before you let that word scare you away, our choreography is generally minimal and we try to cater to individual levels when we can. We also will have choreography videos for you to watch and practice with at home at your leisure. We also have rehearsal tracks to listen to to practice your music with as well. They really are great tools to use.

Our fun group is made up of several different committees, who all work together to put on our amazing productions. We would love to have you get more involved! Here are just a few of our committees: Production,  Costumes, Membership, Choreography, Food (that’s always a favorite) 😉 etc. There’s many places to find what you are passionate about. During your first season, you are welcome to, but are not required to sign up for a committee. Your second season and moving forward you will be required to be part of at least one committee. It’s really neat being able to put your ideas in motion with the group. Feel free to sign up!

Rehearsals: Tuesdays 7pm-9:30pm and Saturdays 9am-12:00 noon
During rehearsals it is important that we come in ready to get to work. We work hard to play hard. Our goal is to bring joy to our community through excellence in musical entertainment.
Rehearsal attendance is important, we need everyone to be accountable for their part in this group. If you need to miss, you need to let the attendance person know via text/call/email.
Rehearsals are located at Northglenn United Methodist Church 1605 W 106th Ave, Northglenn, CO 80234. Shows are performed at the Parsons Theatre in Northglenn. 

The Northland Chorale presents two shows each year (3 performances each); typically in April and October. We also perform at community events and group centers especially during the holiday seasons.

Membership Fee

Dues: $125.00
Dues are due every season. However, we never want money to be a reason someone can’t be part of our family. If you are interested in joining and need to make payments throughout the season or need more assistance, please contact the board, and we will privately discuss things with you further.

Rehearsal/Performance Location

Northglenn United Methodist Church
1605 W 106th Ave.
Northglenn, CO 80234

Theatre- Parsons Theatre in Northglenn


Contact us at


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